Newport Beach teuscher Chocolates of Switzerland

Assorted Chocolates and Pralines

Our handmade truffles and Chocolates come in various flavors and some with nuts, liquor or Fruits

Assorted Truffles

Specialty truffles made with fresh cream and chocolate. The Truffle Specialty box contains a selection of our milk chocolate, dark chocolate, butter, kirsch,walnut, white chocolate, milk nougat, dark nougat, champagne, orange, almond and other seasonal varieties.

Assorted Pralines, Chocolates

An assortment of our finest truffles,
chocolate pralines and Gianduja, filling of finely ground nuts and chocolate,

Corbeille Box

Fill your corbeille with an assortment of our finest Truffles and pralines

Assorted fruits & Nuts

Dark or Milk Chocolates covered Orange Slices, Lemon Peels, Orange Peels, Ginger Peels, Chocolate covered Nuts, Almonds, Macadamia Nuts, , more...

Lactose free - Vegan

assortment of lactose free and vegan products.

Chocolate Liquor's

An assortment of our finest truffles, chocolate and pralines.