Newport Beach teuscher Chocolates of Switzerland

Teuscher Chocolates Holiday Collection

World Best Handmade Chocolates, Truffles, Gianduja, Praline, Marzipan, Bars, Liquor Balls, Nougat, and more in Hand made Boxes for any occasion. Our truffles and Chocolates come in various flavors and some with nuts, liquor or Fruits

Christmas Collections

Best Teuscher Chocolates Seasonal Collection in a unique and collectable boxes for Christmas and the holidays. Truffles, Gianduja, Marzipan, Liquor balls, Bars and more . .


Give your loved one The world best Hand made Chocolates, Truffles, Pralines, Gianduja, Bars, Nougats, Marzipan, and more in the beautiful hand made heart floral box.

Mother's Day

Fill Teuscher Floral Box with an assortment of our finest Truffles, pralines Gianduja, Nama, Marzipan, Chocolate covered Fruits and Nougats for your Mother


Exclusive  Egg Champagne  Truffles
Solid and Gianduja  Eggs & Bunnies
Easter baskets and special Easter figurines and
Teuscher Chocolates Easter Collections  

Independence Day

Teuscher Chocolate’s assortment of Dark, White, and Milk Truffles,; and our pralines. Gianduja, Marzipan and Liquor Balls. make any occasion unique and unforgeable.


Celebrate Thanksgiving, with the exclusively assortment of Dark Milk and white teuscher chocolates in hand-crafted Turkey and other Thanksgiving collection Boxes